5 Ways To Be an Advocate From Home This Week

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So a trip to DC wasn’t in the cards for you? No worries – hundreds of colorectal cancer advocates are at home right now. Good news – you can still be an advocate this week!

Social media has transformed the way our elected officials hear from us. By doing your part from home, you amplify the message of those meeting face-to-face with members of Congress and their staff this coming Tuesday.

Here are 5 things YOU can do to be involved this week:

1. Rev Up Those Social Media Accounts


We’re asking you to lend your social media accounts to the cause. That means we need you to get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other social media outlet you use.

Step one is simply looking up those logins and getting prepared. While you’re at it – look us up & like us, or follow us – @FightCRC. Not sure of how to use social media?

Click here
to download a handy guide for eAdvocacy & get started.

house-of-rep-seal2. Reach Out to Your House of Representatives Member

First – unsure of who that is? Find your representative here. Okay, now find them on social media here.

Next– here’s what we need you to do:

One of our largest legislative priorities is H.R. 1070: Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act.” Medicare law covers colorectal cancer screenings without making patients pay a coinsurance and deductible; however, an oversight in the law requires patients to pay coinsurance if a physician removes a potentially precancerous polyp during a colonoscopy. This is preventing some from getting screened. The proposed law (H.R. 1070) fixes that.

So – to help us:

1) Check to see if your member is listed on this page. (It shows if they currently support the bill H.R. 1070)

2) If they are NOT listed, please write this update to him/her:

I am a colorectal cancer advocate living in your district and support H.R. 1070. Please support by co-signing. #ConC2014

3) If HE/SHE IS LISTED, please send this update to him/her:

I am a colorectal cancer advocate in your district. THANK YOU for your support of H.R. 1070! #ConC2014

senate-seal3. Reach Out to your Senator

First – unsure of who that is? Find your representative here. Okay, now find them on social media here.

We’re hoping to get a similar bill like H.R. 1070 introduced in the Senate. Help us by asking your senator to co-sponsor. Here’s what to do:

Please write this to him/her:

I am a colorectal cancer advocate in your district. Please introduce companion bill to H.R. 1070 & contact @SenSherrodBrown#ConC2014

(If your senator IS Sen. Brown, thank him for leading the charge!)

4. Other Posts For the Week

capitalOnce you have those first two posts under your belt, consider writing other messages to your elected officials. You can view all of our legislative priorities here. Reach out to your members of Congress via email, social media, or even call their offices!

Here are a few sample status updates you can post to your members of Congress if you want to keep using social media. Feel free to add your own & make sure to use the hashtag #ConC2014!


Colorectal cancer is #2 cause of death in U.S. but it’s preventable. Please show your support with a RT! #ConC2014

I am a colorectal cancer advocate and hope for a cure! Please support funding for NCI, CDC and NIH! #ConC2014

Programs like the CDC’s Colorectal Cancer Control Program are life-saving. Please support! I’m an advocate in your district. #ConC2014

Please make funding for cancer research a top priority in FY 2015 & include CRC research in DoD peer-reviewed program! #ConC2014

I support the national screening goal of #80by2018 and pledge to do my part!

Have you been screened for colorectal cancer? Today I support #80by2018 and will do my part in getting screened!

5. Post, Share, Like, Comment & Favorite

Last – help us get our messages out! Our team will be posting on social media all week & writing blog updates at the end of each day. Help us spread the word about what’s happening on the Hill this week!

Each time you “like,” “comment,” or “share” something you see from @FightCRC – it helps create awareness & further our cause. From photos to videos and tweets – help us spread the word that colorectal cancer is a national priority!

Thanks for your help, eAdvocates!

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