Fight Colorectal Cancer is recognized as a top cancer non-profit organization by Philanthropedia & GuideStar. Our policy is to offer transparency on our funding and policies. We receive funding from a combination of individual gifts and grants, as well as corporate and non-corporate sponsors.

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Fight Colorectal Cancer is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Our federal tax ID number is 20-2622550. To access our annual financial reports, click on the appropriate years below. Detailed financial statements audited by Chaconas and Wilson, PC are available in Fight Colorectal Cancer’s office or clickable down below.

Annual Report

Our 2013 Annual Report released in Jan. 2014 outlines the strides we made in patient awareness, advocacy, research and fundraising. In 2013, 92 cents of every dollar donated to Fight Colorectal Cancer went directly to colon cancer programs.

Download the PDF of our 2013 Annual Report

Previous Year Financials

Looking for our history? You can access previous year financial statements and annual reports through the links below.

Annual Reports
990 Fiscal Year Filings
Financial Statements
20132013Audited 2013

Funding Policy & Disclosure

To keep us ethical and focused, we developed the following funding policy and disclosure. All who sponsor and donate to Fight Colorectal Cancer must oblige by the following conditions:

  • Funding from corporations for projects and educational programs are charitable donations or unrestricted educational grants. While we welcome input from our corporate partners, Fight Colorectal Cancer has ultimate authority over program development, content and speaker selection.
  • The Fight Colorectal Cancer projects and programs will publicly disclose funding sources. Speakers representing the Fight Colorectal Cancer will clearly disclose funding sources.
  • All speakers at Fight Colorectal Cancer events will be required to disclose their relationship with the corporate partner.
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer does not endorse any medical product, treatment protocol or service or provide medical advice to patients. Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Medical Advisory Board reviews and approves all areas under Learn About Colorectal Cancer to ensure accurate and full reporting of treatment risks and benefits.
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer does not sell advertising on our website. However, corporate and individual donors may be thanked for their support of a program in the form of a link to their website from our website. A link to a supporter’s website from the Fight Colorectal Cancer site is not an endorsement of any product or service.
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer Research Updates will present information of interest to the patient community. Every effort will be made to ensure that information is presented accurately and completely. Updates may occasionally link to product-specific websites.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that information presented in materials and at programs will be presented in fair balance.
  • Any corporate partner wishing to reference Fight Colorectal Cancer or any Fight Colorectal Cancer in any public relations, marketing or promotional materials or activities, must first seek the prior review and written approval of Fight Colorectal Cancer.
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer reserves the right to approve the participation of third parties that may be recommended for involvement in any program, project or event.
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer does not enter into exclusive partnerships.
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer does not sell or share its mailing list.
  • All materials and programs developed by Fight Colorectal Cancer are the property of Fight Colorectal Cancer, must carry Fight Colorectal Cancer copyright, and as such, cannot be changed, modified or duplicated without prior written permission from Fight Colorectal Cancer.
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