Volunteer Committees


Our volunteer committees provide advocates an opportunity to be more involved. We have three active committees:

Grassroots Action Committee (GAC)
Medical Advisory Board (MAB)
Research Advocacy Training and Support (RATS)

Grassroots Action Committee (GAC)

The Grassroots Action Committee (GAC) is considered the “super committee” of grassroots advocates at Fight Colorectal Cancer. Each individual either is nominated or applies to serve and must have previously attended at least one Call-on Congress. Members commit to a one-year term where they take action when asked and provide advice for engaging and empowering the grassroots advocates. Each member:

  • Participates in meetings to communicate priorities and provide input on federal and state legislation
  • Promotes Fight Colorectal Cancer through our communications and recruiting more advocates
  • Contributes to the development of the advocacy and outreach programs
  • Mentors advocates at Call-on Congress
  • Guides the agenda for Call-on Congress
  • Please contact Anjee Davis if you’re interested in serving on the GAC or nominating an advocate.

The 2013 GAC

Member State Connection to CRC
Rose-and-Eric-Hausmann-150x150 Rose & Eric Hausmann (Chairs) New Jersey Rose was diagnosed November 2005, stage III colon cancer, Eric is her caregiver
Josh-Wimberly-FightCRC-GAC Josh Wimberly Alabama Diagnosed August 2007, stage IIIb colon cancer
Pam-Seijo-FightCRC-GAC Pam Seijo West Virginia Diagnosed August 2000, stage III, rectal cancer
Tom-Fueller-FightCRC-GAC Tom Foeller Oregon Diagnosed February 2006, stage III rectal cancer
Jen-Bretsch-FightCRC-GAC Jennifer Bretsch Virginia Served as a caregiver for her friend from 2007-2009
Elaine-Newcomb-FightCRC-GAC Elaine Newcomb Wyoming Diagnosed May 2009, stage IV colon cancer
Belle-Piazza-FightCRC-GAC Belle Piazza Washington Diagnosed October 2007, stage III colon cancer
Michell-Baker-FightCRC-GAC Michell Baker Oregon Served as a caregiver for her dad from 2007-2008
Patti-Hertzog-FightCRC-GAC Patti Hollenback Pennsylvania Served as a caregiver for her husband from 2003-2006

Medical Advisory Board

Our Medical Advisory Board (MAB) ensures that the information Fight Colorectal Cancer presents is accurate and credible. Researchers, doctors and nurses volunteer their time on a 2-year commitment. The goal of the MAB is to ensure colorectal cancer patients are well-informed about their options when it comes to fighting colorectal cancer.

Please contact Kim Ryan if you’re a medical professional interested in joining our Medical Advisory Board.

The 2013 MAB

Physician Institution
Al-Benson-FightCRC-MAB Al B. Benson III, MD FACP Northwestern University
Nancy-Baxter-FightCRC-MAB Nancy Baxter, MD, FRCSC St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto
Richard-Goldberg-FightCRC-MAB Richard M. Goldberg, MD The Ohio State University Medical Center
Carolyn-Grande-FightCRC-MAB Carolyn Grande, CRNP, AOCNP University of Pennsylvania
Axel-Grothey-FightCRC-MAB Axel Grothey, MD Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Heather-Hampel-FightCRC-MAB Heather Hampel, MS, CGC Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
Heinz-Joseph-Lenz-FightCRC-MAB Heinz-Joseph Lenz, MD, FACP University of Southern California
John-Marshall-FightCRC-MAB John Marshall, MD Georgetown University Medical Center
Howard-McLeod-FightCRC-MAB Howard McLeod, Medical Director Moffitt Cancer Center
Neal-Meropol-FightCRC-MAB Neal J. Meropol, MD Case Western Reserve University
Edith-Mitchell-FightCRC-MAB Edith Mitchell, MD Thomas Jefferson University
Nicholas-Petrelli-FightCRC-MAB Nicholas Petrelli, MD Christiana Care Health System
Daniel-Sargent-FightCRC-MAB Daniel J. Sargent, PhD Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Joel-Tepper-FightCRC-MAB Joel E. Tepper, MD University of North Carolina School of Medicine

RATS (Research Advocacy Training and Support) Group

Our RATS group consists of volunteers who want to impact research on behalf of cancer patients. The program trains research advocates on how to effectively participate in the research process. Joining RATS involves a one-year commitment where participants join:

  • Interactive webinar trainings
  • Face-to-face training

Graduates of the RATS program serve on a variety of panels for organizations like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), National Cancer Institute (NCI), among others.

To apply for the RATS program, please contact us.

  • Julie Somora
  • Suzan Mayberry
  • Florence Kurttila
  • Elaine Newcomb
  • Andrea Kramer
  • Wanda Addy
  • Cindy Robinson
  • Bonnie Ward
  • Christopher Adams
  • Doug Sharp
  • Liz Anne Dennis
  • Kristin Keesen
  • Pam McAllister
  • Mary Miller
  • Gordon Cole


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