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Blue Star States

bluestarstate_web_icons-021-300x300About Blue Star States

Blue Star States is a campaign working to get March recognized as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in EVERY state.

Each year, advocates must submit requests to state governors. Each state has its own unique process. (The same is true for the national proclamation from the president – which we’ve received three years in a row!)

Blue Star States kicked off in 2013. Each year we engage advocates across the US. So far 90% of the states have recognized March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month – let’s keep it going!

Ready to help in 2017?

We need all hands on deck – it’s helpful when multiple advocates in a state request a proclamation! Let us know you’re in and we will email you all the documents and info you need.

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Each state has its own unique process for submitting proclamation requests. Don’t worry though – we did the research for you.

We’ll help every step of the way.

Sign up to participate and we’ll email you specific instructions on how to request a proclamation for your state. You’ll also be assigned a mentor from our Grassroots Action Committee that will guide you through the entire process. It’s easy!

I’m in! Send me the info.

(If someone already submitted the request for your state, we need you to submit one too. Multiple requests will show your governor’s office this is a top priority!) 

bluestarstate_web_icons-051-300x3002017 Progress

Follow along in 2017 as we report on the progress!
Want to help? Submit a proclamation request for your state!

bluestarstate_web_icons_photos-06-300x300Proclamation Pictures

We love seeing you in action! As you’re working on submitting your proclamation request, stop and snap a pic (bonus points if it’s a #StrongArmSelfie!).

Once you receive your proclamation, show us! We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Post your pics on social media, or email them to us! Don’t forget to tag @FightCRC so we get notified.

Check out 2017 Blue Star States Pictures!

agenda_icon_300x300Change Policy

At Fight CRC, we hang our hats on changing policy with the help of advocates like you.

Advocacy isn’t scary — it’s simply sharing your story with members of Congress to raise awareness of issues that affect colorectal cancer.

Just tell your story — we’ll provide the rest!

Learn more about becoming a colorectal cancer advocate.

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