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Scientists and Advocates Rally for Medical Research

The annual scientific meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research took a little lunch break on Monday, April 8th in Washington, D.C., while the attendees streamed outside to join a crowd of several thousand gathered across the street for a loud street rally. “When [Congress] sees a grassroots movement rising up from doctors, from scientists, from advocates, and patients, you become impossible to ignore,” cancer survivor Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) told the cheering crowd. (Watch video of the speakers here.) Fight Colorectal Cancer was one of 200-plus organizations who gathered and supported the  Rally for Medical Research, aimed at the politicians who have made, and are making,  decisions about budget cuts. The

Getting Ready to Rally Again – Rally For Medical Research

OOOOh there’s something about a good ole’ fashioned Washington, DC rally that really gets us going. Next Monday you will find Fight Colorectal Cancer standing alongside many other health-focused non-profits at the Rally for Medical Research. Why? Well, we do have a thing for The Hill. But we’re participating to show our government that we too have a dream – a county that invests in a cure for colorectal cancer and supports medical research. If you’re in or around the DC area Monday, April 8, join us at the Rally for Medical Research. If you’re not around – keep reading for how you can get involved! You don’t have to

Research and Advocacy

Those who go into medical research often have science on the mind. Not politics. But researchers who joined us for the 2013 Call-on Congress showed how the two fields merge. Particularly when funding is involved. Fighting Colorectal Cancer at the Research and Policy Levels I love how Nancy Roach, Founder and Chair of the Board, explains the importance of advocacy AND research in the One Million Strong PSA, “I founded Fight Colorectal Cancer in 2006 because people who have been touched by colorectal cancer need a voice at the tables where decisions are being made that impact their survival.” – Nancy Roach Fighting colorectal cancer demands more than raising awareness

Fight Colorectal Cancer Honors Advocates for Service to the Cause

Each year at Call-on Congress, Fight Colorectal Cancer gives out three awards to advocates who go above and beyond to advance the cause of colorectal cancer patients. The 2013 award recipients are: The Andrew Giusti Memorial Award was posthumously awarded to the late Kate Murphy for her tireless activism on behalf of colorectal cancer patients and for focusing, like Andrew Giusti did, on pushing for great science that will translate to patient benefits as quickly as possible. Kate was a founding staff member of Fight Colorectal Cancer and our Director of Research Communications. She was the first patient advocate to ever sit on the National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s Colon/Rectal/Anal panel, which develops treatment

Cancer Survivors: Population Explosion Coming

  You think we’ve made a lot of noise during this Colorectal Cancer Awareness month? We’re only going to get louder. On Monday morning, Fight Colorectal Cancer survivors and advocates will ring the opening bell on NASDAQ—representing 1.2 million colorectal cancer survivors in the U.S. who are only going to get louder as our numbers grow. Good news or bad news? Both, really. As Boomers age, more Americans will get cancer—and with better treatment and earlier diagnosis, there will be more cancer survivors. In just 10 years, the number of cancer survivors in the U.S. will increase by nearly a third—to almost 18 million survivors of all types of cancer

Avastin Recall for Eye Treatments

The FDA announced yesterday that due to five cases of eye infections reported at one Georgia medical practice, a “compounding pharmacy” in Georgia has voluntarily recalled 79 lots of  Avastin (bevacizumab) repackaged into small vials  intended for retinal (eye) injections. Ophthalmologists sometimes use bevacizumab as an off-label treatment (not approved by the FDA) for “wet” macular degeneration. No Avastin preparations for oncology practices were involved in the recall. Clinical Specialties, the Georgia compounding pharmacy, said it distributes the bevacizumab-filled syringes to about a dozen physicians in Georgia, Louisiana, South Caroline and Indiana. Just two days ago, the FDA announced that the New Jersey compounding pharmacy Med Prep Consulting was recalling all of

Important information to know – from screening to diagnosis for colorectal cancer

Tips From a Member of Our Medical Advisory Board Al B. Benson III, MD, FACP FASCO is Professor of Medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine,  and Associate Director for Clinical Investigations, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Northwestern University One of the nation’s most respected experts in colorectal cancer, Dr. Benson has supported and worked with Fight Colorectal Cancer for years as an active member of our Medical Advisory Board.   Written by Dr. Al Benson, March 18 2013, Chicago, Illinois Although March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, this disease is so frequent yet in most cases preventable that we should be striving every month of the year to make even more people


Jennifer Bretsch – Alexandria, Virginia by Carlene Canton Jennifer Bretsch lost her friend Shawn Felty to colon cancer when he was only 39 years old. His fight, his grace and his courage inspired her and changed her life. Shawn was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and fought valiantly for two years. Jennifer was by his side through the surgeries and chemotherapy. She encouraged him, researched treatments, and attended many of his appointments. Shawn passed away two years after his diagnosis. After his death, Jennifer felt compelled to find a way to continue fighting for improvements in education, awareness, screening, research and funding that would make a difference. Because Shawn

Help us make a difference | 2013 Call-on Congress

The 2013 Call-on Congress will be big. Over 80 colorectal cancer advocates plan to attend. Presentations and exercises make for a full agenda. Our legislative priorities will be heard! But, what if you cannot be in Washington DC with us next week? Big news – we still NEED your help. United Behind a Cure – Call-in on March 20 Next Wednesday, Fight Colorectal Cancer will join with other colorectal cancer groups to sponsor the United Behind A Cure Congressional Call-in. While our team of advocates meet with their representatives on Capitol Hill, we need YOU to call and make your voice heard. By calling in, you magnify our message and

Call-on Congress – What do we want? | 2013 Call-on Congress

Over the past few days I’ve told you some of the reasons our 80+ colorectal cancer advocates will be on Capitol Hill next week. Yesterday we touched on the agenda for the 2013 Call-on Congress. Today – I want you to know exactly what we will be asking of our elected officials. Stay tuned – tomorrow I will share with you how to get involved from your living room! But first … a brief overview of a bill and the lawmaking process No review of how a bill becomes a law is complete without a little School House Rock.  “I’m just a bill…sittin’ here on Capitol Hill.” If you need