Q&A Session with Rep. Fitzpatrick

What was your official diagnosis? What stage, and colon or rectal cancer? Colon Cancer, Stage 3 How did you discover your cancer? At first, the symptoms were familiar – not much to worry about, maybe a virus we pick up now and then. In retrospect, the symptoms were similar to what we know about colon cancer,…  Read More

Do You Love Science? Apply for RATS

Are you a science wiz or want to be? Do you want to understand the in’s and out’s of the cellular structures, tumor profiles, biomarkers, genes, subtypes and mutations of colorectal cancer? Then we need you in our RATS program! We as the leadership committee of RATS welcome you and encourage you to apply for this awesome…  Read More

Update on Lisa Fund Grant Recipient – Dr. de Miranda

Our Lisa Fund awards grants to late-stage colorectal cancer researchers. This year’s recipient, Dr. Noel FCC de Miranda, received funds to study advanced CRC in early-onset (under 50) patients starting July 1. (We awarded him with a grant in April 2015 in collaboration with our partners at Michael’s Mission.) We caught up with him to see how…  Read More

Dealing With the Cost of Colorectal Cancer

We’re grateful for guest blogger Kelly Alvord from the Patient Advocate Foundation. In this blog she’s helped explain struggles patients may face with the cost of cancer care and suggestions on how to organize, lower costs and get help with the financial burdens that come with a cancer diagnosis. PAF is a national leader and established…  Read More

Piloting the Jr. Advocates Program

Piloting the Jr. Advocates Program By Maria Williams, GAC co-chair This year we piloted a Jr. Advocates Program. The program is designed for children ages 6 through 13 who participate in Fight CRC’s annual advocacy event, Call-on Congress. The idea started as a suggestion from a parent and developed into its own program focused on the…  Read More

Standards of Care for Cancer Survivors

We’re grateful for guest blogger Nina Miller from the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. In this blog she’s provided insights for Fight CRC readers into how the medical community is recognizing the need to establish standards of care for cancer survivors. With a growing population of survivors, the need for healthcare providers to help survivors…  Read More