Watch Fight Colorectal Cancer Ring the NASDAQ Bell

Fight Colorectal Cancer President Carlea Bauman was joined by staff, survivors, advocates and fighters to “get behind a cure” and ring the NASDAQ closing bell. [vimeo=] We ring the bell to bring attention that colorectal cancer is the number two cancer killer in America. We need awareness that colorectal cancer can be prevented, treated, and beaten.…  Read More

March 22: Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancer Public Awareness Day

Fight those Cougars! Colon, ovarian, uterine, gastric, renal, and skin cancer. All Lynch syndrome related cancers, and all significantly increased in families with Lynch syndrome mutations. Brain and small bowel cancer risks are also higher. In addition, new evidence finds that pancreatic and breast cancer are also part of Lynch syndrome. Today, people living with Lynch…  Read More

Treatment Costs Extra Hard for Young Colon Cancer Patients

Although nearly four out of ten stage III colon cancer patients had serious financial problems during treatment, treatment related expenses were particularly hard on patients under fifty.  After taking all factors into account, young patients were more than fifty times times more likely to experience financial hardship than patients over 75.  Treatment costs drove them to:…  Read More

Cutting Out Polyps Cuts Colorectal Cancer Deaths in Half

We thought it was true . . . and now research comes along with evidence. Colonoscopy reduces death from colorectal cancer. In a follow-up analysis from the National Polyp Study, people who had adenomas — the risky kind of polyps — removed during the study were much less likely to die from colon or rectal cancer…  Read More

Judge Individual Risk Before Making CRC Screening Decisions

New guidance from the American College of Physicians advises doctors to evaluate each patient’s individual risk and base colorectal cancer screening on that assessment. The four point guidance statement says: Clinicians should perform an individual colorectal cancer risk assessment for all adults. Average risk adults should be screened at age 50. Individuals at high risk should…  Read More

New Jersey Congressman Donald Payne Dies of Colon Cancer

Congressman Donald Payne (D-NJ) died early this morning from colon cancer. Representative Payne announced last month that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer but expected to make a full recovery. However, last week he took a sudden turn for the worse and was flown home to New Jersey where he was placed in hospice care…  Read More