February 2013 Webinar: The Latest in Colorectal Cancer Research

Each January, the best and brightest minds in colorectal cancer research meet at the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium. Fight Colorectal Cancer and the Colon Cancer Alliance are partnering to bring you the big news in colorectal cancer from the 2013 symposium.…  Read More

January 2013 Webinar: Addressing the Financial Burden of Cancer

Join Fight Colorectal Cancer for a webinar that will detail what resources exist to help patients navigate the very expensive waters of cancer treatment. You will hear from a person who is on the front lines of the battle: Elaine…  Read More

Survivor Focus Group: We're Listening

During the coming weeks Fight Colorectal Cancer is sponsoring two very unique small group discussions that will include colorectal cancer survivors. The intent is to bring together survivors for an in-depth discussion to find out your opinions and to learn…  Read More

Nov 2012 Webinar: Talking Turkey about Lynch Syndrome

Brian Mansfield, a music critic for USA Today, didn’t know he had Lynch syndrome until he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer earlier this year at the age of 48. After his diagnosis, he began talking with his family about their…  Read More

Oct 2012 Webinar: Will Rectal Cancer Treatment Affect My Sexuality?

Dr. Joel Tepper of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine has information in this months webinar that can help you return to, or find your new, “normal” and start enjoying intimacy once again. It’s not something people are…  Read More

Sept 2012 Webinar: Hospice and Palliative Care

Dr. Jim Meadows, Director of Hospice and Palliative Care at Tennessee Oncology, will discuss this months webinar topic. He will address questions like: How does a family and a health care team best work together to guide a patient through…  Read More