Did you know that governors have to sign proclamations each year to recognize March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month? The same holds true for a national proclamation from the president. The blue star is the nationally recognized symbol for colorectal cancer awareness, which is why we named this campaign Blue Star States.

In 2014, 46 governors signed state proclamations for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. We’d like that number to increase to 50 in 2015. Requesting a state proclamation from your governor is easy! We’ve got all the tools you need right here.

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How To

Requesting a proclamation from your governor is easy! Use the materials below to make your state a Blue Star State.

Our step-by-step guide will give you detailed instructions on exactly how to make this request, including a link to your governor’s website where you will find specific directions on submitting your request. Following those instructions, you’ll need to download the sample cover letter, sample proclamation and sample press release.

NOTE: Several of the sample templates available for download require you to use your name, date, state, governor, etc. Please update the areas in YELLOW before submitting your request to your state.

Step-by-Step Guide Instructions for your State

Sample Cover LetterSample ProclamationSample Press Release

Keep us in the loop

As soon as you submit the proclamation request, let us know! We want to track your progress and celebrate your success with you. Do you need a different version of the samples or have questions? Email Emily White.

Progress By State

BlueStarStates.3.7It’s important to track the progress of a proclamation request in your state. That’s why this page has daily updates on the status of your proclamations.


If someone has already submitted a proclamation request in your state, you can submit one too! Just be sure to let us know. Download the PDF below to find out the latest update for your state.

2015 Progress Get Graphics for your State

Last updated March 24, 2015



Having all 50 states recognize Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month is no simple task! It takes time, effort and coordination of many organizations and advocates. We are excited to be working with other organizations on the 2015 Blue Star States campaign.

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* For information about partnering on Blue Star States, please contact Michell Baker


Get Involved in Advocacy

Getting involved with Blue Star States is just one way for you to advocate! Visit Fight CRC’s Advocacy Page to find out about our other advocacy opportunities, or click on the links below for information about specific programs.


Award-Winning Campaign

Blue Star States was a smashing success in 2014! In fact, Fight Colorectal Cancer & The Colon Cancer Alliance won the Blue Star Challenge from the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT) because of its success! Thanks to advocates across the U.S.:

  • All 50 states requested recognition from the governor
  • 48 states recognized March 2014 as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
  • The White House even issued a Presidential Proclamation, the first in over 13 years!

In 2015 we’re building on great momentum and have one goal – ALL 50 STATES recognize March 2015 as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month!


A huge thank you to advocates in 2012 2013 & 2014 who laid the groundwork for this campaign!


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