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Join Fight Colorectal Cancer this summer for a LIVE ONLINE BOOK CLUB. It works just like any other book club, except instead of meeting as a small group, we’ll log online together to discuss the book. Plus, at the end of the summer, you’ll get the chance to see the author through a live-stream event! Join us this summer & connect with others in the fight!

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My Cancer Year by Curtis Pesmen
MyCancerYearNot long after turning 40, Curtis Pesmen, author, health editor, Hollywood husband and dad, was diagnosed with advanced cancer three days before Christmas. The shock diagnosis kickstarted a journey that sent him from Denver to San Francisco, through 2nd and 3rd options, then treatment and experimental surgery for Stage 3 colorectal cancer, then recovery. Now as a survivor, he shares his insights – plus advice from other survivors and top doctors in this revised edition – on how to manage challenges of cancer that tens of thousands face each year and yet don’t quite know how to talk about. My Cancer Year will help the fast-growing group of survivors – as well as family and friends – put cancer in its place with the power of confessional memoir, healing humor and gritty, insider knowledge.

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After too many days of chemo/poison pumping thru my veins, my body sends its 1st signal of being pi*#ed off at the assault... (pg 15)

Once you’ve been hit by the train so many times,” Paula tells me in bed this morning, “you’re afraid to stand on the tracks to see if another one’s coming…” (pg 49)


JUNECH. 1Tues., June 24, 7:30pm EST
Facebook Group Discussion
JULYCH. 2-4Tues., July 29 7:30pm
Facebook Group Discussion
AUGUSTCH. 5-9Tues., Aug. 26 7:30pm EST

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