Meet the One Million Strong – James Meadows, MD

How do YOU define One Million Strong? One Million Strong means I am not alone.  I have a million others to count on, and a million others counting on me.  It means I can face my challenges today with confidence and strength, because no matter what size the challenge, it falls in the shadow of my team.…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – Daniel Shockley

How do YOU define One Million Strong? I would define One Million Strong as having the opportunity as Patient Advocates to collectively promote colorectal cancer awareness, screening and prevention.  To me, having a community means that I have the privilege to share my positive attitude and personal experience as a pre-cancer survivor in an effort to…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – Lisa Marie McLaughlin

How do YOU define One Million Strong? One Million Strong means that whether you are newly diagnosed or a decade-long survivor, there is a network of individuals who have walked this journey and are willing to support you along your personal path. Where have you drawn strength? My family and my faith have been my strength. If I…  Read More

Meet the One Million Strong – Amy B. from California

Meet Amy Amy Jo Barnes, Survivor San Jose, California Amy’s Story I was diagnosed with colon cancer on September 30, 2011 at 57 years old during a routine wellness check.  I was blessed to have wonderful doctors, caring nurses, loving friends and wild co-workers who have all worked overtime to get me through this battle.  Having…  Read More

Awareness should be color blind

With October comes football season and breast cancer awareness. Even with the negative press swirling around the NFL in September regarding cases involving domestic violence, that didn’t halt the league’s breast cancer awareness campaign. Despite the pullout of Proctor & Gamble’s pink mouthguards, the campaign carried on with the support of many corporate sponsors, teams and players. If you’ve watched…  Read More

Empowerment Through Advocacy: Jerina Ordono

by Jerina Ordono  LIVING WITH PURPOSE Cancer and my husband taught me how to live and live with a sense of purpose and passion, which brings us to present day and my involvement with Fight Colorectal Cancer. I didn’t go through this life-changing experience of living in the cancer world to just hold it all inside…after…  Read More