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MARY KAY He is my life, my love and my rock! Mike and I met in the summer before my senior year in college and have been inseparable ever since.  I went to Penn State and Mike and I had lots of good times there together.  We got married at 25 years old and have been married for 17 years. Mike was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer at age 40 – no history – no signs – healthy…until one day it hit…I have a very large blog about our lives and cancer battle on caring bridge that shares our story – you are welcome to read it for more


We Still Do – Diana & Scott Welch

MEET DIANA & SCOTT WELCH  DIANA’S PERSPECTIVE They say that life crises can sometimes either make or break a marriage or relationship.  My cancer diagnosis (or better said as our cancer diagnosis) has done just that.  Facing this challenge has made our bond stronger, our love deeper, and our compassion more profound. Scott and I were reunited in December 1999 after I sent him a Christmas card as we lived in different states.  We corresponded back and forth for several months and he made several visits to Upstate New York where I had lived at that time (and we are both originally from).  Although the long distance thing was exciting,


Leana & Steven have lived through “in sickness and in health.” Read their story and why they are doing a “virtual” vow renewal leading up to our One Million Strong kickoff in NYC! FROM LEANA: I met my husband, Steven, when I was in Junior High School. A mutual friend introduced us. Before you knew it we were “going together.” Who would of ever thought that we would get married when I was 18. That was 32 years ago this March. I like to say we have had time to “mold” each other into the person we wanted. Well there was no molding for the life changing diagnosis of colon



KIM: There was blood… One hour before the mayor of Philadelphia’s Inauguration Celebration, I see it. During my quick bathroom break I spot blood in the toilet. I hoped it was a warning sign of my monthly cycle to come.  It was not. I’m not sure how I knew something was wrong but I did. My name was being called over the walkie talkie from someone on the production team as if the world was on fire (everything in event planning is a fire to some people.) “Go for KIM!” I responded as if to say, “I’m HERE…funny.” After putting out the event-fire I called Jeffrey, my husband, and said “I just


We Still Do – Dave & Robin

Meet Dave & Robin Dubin, the strong duo behind AliveAndKickn. They are one of the couples who signed up to renew their vows at our One Million Strong kickoff on March 3, 2014 in New York City. Here is their love story and why they’re saying “We Still Do.”   [Dave’s Story] So I’m 29, new wife, first child, new house, new job, and I’ve got cramps and blood. My primary physician thinks it’s just the stress of everything, but we insist on seeing a specialist since the family history of grandfather and father with colon cancer is right on the chart. I’m diagnosed. Not shocked but surprised. We shift gears.


We Still Do – Eric & Rose

Meet Eric & Rose Hausmann, one of the most amazing couples you’ll meet. These engaged activists chair our Grassroots Action Committee (GAC) and have signed up to renew their vows at our One Million Strong kickoff on March 3, 2014 in New York City. Here is their love story and why they’re saying “We Still Do.”   [Eric] We grew up together. Her brother was my best friend and my sister was her best friend. Our parents became good friends when I was about 4-years-old. We were together a lot, like one big family. And when I say big, I mean really big. She has ten brothers and sisters. We


Renew Your Love in NYC!

Renew your love in NYC this March! You and your spouse have lived through “in sickness and in health.” Honor your loved one by renewing your vows. Share your STRENGTH and INSPIRE the world by renewing your commitment to one another. Celebrate Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month by telling your love story and offering hope for the future. Who:  If you or your spouse is a colorectal cancer survivor, we’re looking for you! When & Where:  Monday, March 3, 2014 in Grand Central Station’s Vanderbilt Hall. The vow renewal ceremony will be one of the many events of our One Million Strong kickoff on this day.  (The vow renewal ceremony is expected to