March 22: Lynch Syndrome Hereditary Cancer Public Awareness Day

Fight those Cougars! Colon, ovarian, uterine, gastric, renal, and skin cancer. All Lynch syndrome related cancers, and all significantly increased in families with Lynch syndrome mutations. Brain and small bowel cancer risks are also higher. In addition, new evidence finds…  Read More

Treatment Costs Extra Hard for Young Colon Cancer Patients

Although nearly four out of ten stage III colon cancer patients had serious financial problems during treatment, treatment related expenses were particularly hard on patients under fifty.  After taking all factors into account, young patients were more than fifty times…  Read More

Judge Individual Risk Before Making CRC Screening Decisions

New guidance from the American College of Physicians advises doctors to evaluate each patient’s individual risk and base colorectal cancer screening on that assessment. The four point guidance statement says: Clinicians should perform an individual colorectal cancer risk assessment for…  Read More