FITs Save Lives!

We love a great story about colorectal cancer awareness. And this weekend we experienced just that! For the past two years we’ve participated in Rep. David Scott’s (GA) health fair in the outskirts of Atlanta, GA. We have a great…  Read More

The Secret to Changing Policy

The secret is out! Changing policy isn’t easy, but the best way to get started is to build a relationship with your members of Congress and let them know what issues are important to you. Week #3 Challenge EMAIL YOUR…  Read More

Do Your Members Know Your Story?

The August Recess Challenge is underway! Last week’s Challenge was to find out if your members of Congress have co-sponsored the Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act  (H.R. 1220/S. 624). Now it’s time to put that knowledge to use! Week…  Read More

Do you know if your members support our bill?

Your members of Congress are working from home this August! It’s called the “August Recess” and they take a break from D.C. to work in the home districts and get in touch with the voters. We challenge you to take…  Read More