Turning a Cold CRC Tumor Hot: Part 2

In part 1 we covered the differences between “hot” and “cold” tumors. To answer the question of what is being done to help CRC patients with non-MSI tumors (the majority of CRC patients), we’ll now discuss immunotherapy concepts for these…  Read More

Turning a Cold CRC Tumor Hot: Part 1

Now that we’re introduced, as promised I wanted to spend my first scientific post on the hottest current topic in oncology research: immunotherapies. First of all: believe the hype. I have been doing oncology research for more than 20 years.…  Read More

Update on Lisa Fund Grant Recipient – Dr. de Miranda

Our Lisa Fund awards grants to late-stage colorectal cancer researchers. This year’s recipient, Dr. Noel FCC de Miranda, received funds to study advanced CRC in early-onset (under 50) patients starting July 1. (We awarded him with a grant in April 2015…  Read More