Colorectal Cancer 101 :: August 2015 Webinar

About the Webinar In this webinar our Medical Advisory Board member Dr. Dennis Ahnen will cover the basics of colorectal cancer – the hows, whats, and whys. This webinar is brought to you by Fight CRC’s Research Advocacy Training and…  Read More

June 2015 Webinar :: ASCO 2015 in Review

About the Webinar We discuss the latest research and treatments for colorectal cancer patients presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in Chicago in May 2015. Dr. Dustin Deming, a medical oncologist, new member of the Fight…  Read More

May 2015 Webinar– Liver Metastases

About the Webinar A common site for advanced colorectal cancer to spread is the liver. In this webinar we will discuss why that happens and some treatment options available for patients facing liver metastases. Presented By: MARWAN G. FAKIH, M.D.…  Read More

March 2015 Webinar – Chemo in a Bottle

About the Webinar Is the future of medicine chemo pills? This webinar discussed oral chemotherapy and explained why some patients are offered the option to receive cancer treatment in a pill form. We also discussed the advantages and challenges of this emerging treatment option…  Read More


About the Webinar To share the knowledge from 2015 GI ASCO, we’ve put together a free webinar where Dr. Al Benson, one of our Medical Advisory Board members, discuss key highlights as they pertain to colorectal cancer from the symposium and what they…  Read More

January 2014 Webinar – Genetic Syndromes of CRC

In our October webinar we spent time reviewing family history and importance.  In this webinar, we discussed genetic and familial syndromes that are specific to colorectal cancer.   Additionally, we talked about what you might look for in your family history and…  Read More