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April 2012 Webinar: What New Drugs Are On the Way for Colorectal Cancer?

Dr. Rich Goldberg, physician-in-chief of the Ohio State University Medical Center and a leader in colorectal cancer research is going to give you the straight facts about two new drugs for colorectal cancer that may offer new hope for late stage patients, and they might hit the market in 2013. * What hope might they offer? * What side effects do they cause? * Will either be the right drug for you? Join Fight Colorectal Cancer Kim Ryan and Dr. Rich Goldberg during this informative, technical webinar. View and download the slides

March 2012 Webinar: Shape Your Plate to Fight Colorectal Cancer

Recently, the American Cancer Society issued new Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention. But what, exactly, does that mean for you, the cancer patient? Join Fight Colorectal Cancer Kim Ryan and Kimberly Moore Petersen from the PearlPoint Cancer Support ( formerly Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation ) as we discuss in practical terms what you and your family can do to stay healthy and hopefully keep cancer at bay. View and download the slides

Feb 2012 Webinar: GI Cancer Symposium 2012 Report

Joining Fight Colorectal Cancer Director of Patient Services Kim Ryan was Dr. Daniel Sargent, PhD of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Biostatistician for the gastrointestinal research program at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Dr. Sargent is involved in multiple ongoing clinical trials of both cancer treatment and cancer screening. Where have we been and where are we going? What’s happened in the last 5 years? Kim Ryan from Fight Colorectal Cancer presents her experience from the San Francisco January 2012 Symposium View/download the slides from the webinar NOTE: Per the request of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Marketing, License and Sales the above webinar is “Not an official event


Jan 2012 Webinar: You’re Not Losing It . . . You Have Cancer.

Join Dr. Jimmie Holland as she addresses the overwhelming feelings of fear or sadness over your cancer diagnosis. Modern cancer care is about treating the whole patient – not just the tumors. Because of this, you may have noticed your doctor taking an increased interest in your emotional well-being. This change in practice has come about thanks to the hard work and dedication of Dr. Jimmie Holland, a pioneer in mental health and the person who coined the phrase “psycho-oncology.” Dr. Holland is author of the best-selling book The Human Side of Cancer. She is renowned for delving into the emotions of cancer patients and their loved ones from the