Our Comments Regarding Tonight’s State of the Union Address

As we approach the annual State of the Union (SOTU) address by the president, we at Fight Colorectal Cancer always see this time of year as the kickoff of our community’s focus on awareness and advocacy. We see the opportunity to influence change at a national level and gear up our army of fighters for a new year.

We know there are obstacles and challenges in the political process. Challenges that don’t keep us away – but instead push us to dive in deeper. As we tune in tonight to the SOTU address, we want to encourage our advocates with these thoughts:

Colorectal Cancer is a non-partisan issue.

Fight Colorectal Cancer is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. That means we are nonpartisan, we don’t choose political sides and we work with all parties. Oh – and we don’t take cheap shots.

It is already a daunting enough task to influence our members of Congress on Capitol Hill to support our cause, we don’t need to add polarized advocate voices to an already divisive governing body. That goes beyond our fight as the nonprofit dedicated to colorectal cancer awareness.

Despite how individual advocates feel about the government and our current leadership, our mission is clear. And tonight, we hope to see support for those fighting cancer, those researching for a cure and for those working to eliminate red tape and create better policies for screening and treatment.

Things ARE happening in Washington

We know many citizens and advocates are frustrated with the current climate in Washington. (Our open-ended Facebook question made that clear earlier this week.) However, we want to encourage our community to come together and raise a collective voice for causes we’re most passionate about:  research, awareness and treatment. 

While the bickering and polarization casts a negative shadow over the political landscape right now, we encourage you with a few positive observations:

  • We are thankful that the Department of Defense research funding was increased from $14M to $25M.
  • We also are hopeful that legislation is moving forward that will remove co-pays and deductibles for colonoscopies for Medicare patients.
  • Last year, we worked with HHS to ensure that private insurers would remove those extra costs from screening.
  • We’ve also directly funded several young researchers who are starting to make names for themselves in the colorectal cancer research arena.
  • And for the first time in our organization’s history, we are so close to having all 50 states recognize March as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month through 2014 state proclamations.

We have much work to do and there are no plans of stopping.

We hope that you’ll lend your voices to our cause and strive to be positive, non-partisan and passionate when it comes to advocating for colorectal cancer. Let’s fight together.

Michael Sola
Vice President of Operations

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