Bell Ringers | Fight Colorectal Cancer at NASDAQ

At Fight Colorectal Cancer we want the world to know about this treatable, beatable disease.

So when we got to stand alongside well-known faces on an iconic American platform today – we got a little giddy.


This morning we rang the opening bell of NASDAQ. But that’s not all.

An outstanding group of well-known colorectal cancer advocates joined us. Yes, we may or may not have asked for their autographs. Check out some of the guests who joined us:

Congressman Donald Payne, Jr.

carlea-donald-payne-nasdaqOur team of advocates from New Jersey and several Fight Colorectal Cancer staff members met Congressman Donald Payne (10th District, New Jersey) last week at the Call-on Congress. Payne lost his father to colorectal cancer last March and is a colorectal cancer advocate on the Hill. He is encouraging all colleagues in the House of Representatives to support additional funding for the Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to expand the program nationally.

Dolly Lenz

carlea-dolly-lenz-fight-colorectal-cancerDolly is the vice chairman of Prudential Douglas Elliman in New York City and a two-time colorectal cancer survivor. She appears on the HGTV show Selling New York and has sold four times more property than anyone in the country. It’s estimated that through 2007, she sold over $7 billion in property.


Daniel Apel

daniel-apel-bayer-fight-colorectal-cancerDaniel Apel is the President and CEO of Bayer Healthcare, LLC. We are thrilled to have him standing alongside us today! Bayer HealthCare sponsored our Times Square kickoff of One Million Strong. Bayer HealthCare and Fight Colorectal Cancer are proud to introduce the 2013 Virtual Walk to Fight Colorectal Cancer. For each participant, Bayer HealthCare will donate $2 (up to $40,000) to Fight Colorectal Cancer. Funding supports research, advocacy and awareness.

David Wicks

david-wicks-nasdaq-fight-crcDavid Wicks is the Vice President of the NASDAQ MarketSite, Global programs and events – and products and strategy. He is also a board member of Fight Colorectal Cancer. David lost his father to colorectal cancer in 2012 and offers his strong voice to advocate for colorectal cancer awareness, screening and funding. He’s helped Fight Colorectal Cancer gain recognition throughout Times Square by arranging our One Million Strong PSAs to play over 18.7 hours on the NADSAQ tower and marquee through March.

Fight Colorecal Cancer Staff & Advocates

fight-colorectal-cancer-nasdaqOf course, our die-hard team also traveled to NYC (just days after the Call-on Congress): Carlea Bauman, President; Anjee Davis, VP of Programs; and Kerranna Williamson, Program Coordinator.

And we had DOZENS of colorectal cancer survivors and advocates join us on stage, as well as a handful of board members.

What a fun morning and an honor to be back in New York City.

It’s just one more way we are working to fight for a cure for colorectal cancer.

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