Focus Group Pays Off!

After reaching out to the region of Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia we pulled together an awesome group of attendance, consisting of patients, survivors, “thrivers”, nurses, nurse navigators, caregivers, family members of patients, and friends of patients who have passed.

It was a really good sampling of several different types of people. The discussion will greatly help us better focus our efforts in awareness, education and on the research fronts.

We sent a lengthy online survey out prior to the event, which resulted in a discussion that lasted over 2 hours. Co-moderator Kim Ryan, Director of Patient Information Services commented:

I think the nicest part of the evening was that we were able to connect with some new advocates, and ones that had no idea we even existed before, and now want to be heavily involved with us.

I found a lot of value in last night’s discussion, as I think the attendees did as well.

The next session is scheduled in Charleston, SC on December 8th – find information on how to register at: With continued support and additional outreach we hope to do more of these focus groups in other parts of the country.

So stay tuned, join us, don’t miss out!


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