Honoring a Fallen Hero One Year Later – RIP Nancy Malthouse


Bill carried this photo of himself & Nancy to his meetings at the 2013 Call-on Congress to show legislators the significance and importance of our message.

We met Bill & Nancy in 2012. As new advocates, they were ready to storm the Hill.

Although they sought to change policy together in March, Nancy passed away a few months later on Aug. 19, 2012.

All who knew and loved her were sad to hear the news and rose to show love and support.

Bill requested that gifts be given to Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Lisa Fund in memory of Nancy. This fund donates 100% of its proceeds to late-stage colorectal cancer research – a passion both Bill & Nancy shared.

Over the past year, many honored Nancy in a substantial way. Friends and family of Nancy donated over $6,000 in her memory, on top of a special donation by Bill.

Not only has Bill continued to support research in Nancy’s honor, but he’s continued to use their story as he advocates.


Bill & Nancy at the 2012 Call-on Congress

He returned to Call-on Congress in March 2013 and carried a photo of himself & Nancy on the Hill just one year prior into his congressional meetings to exemplify the importance of colorectal cancer screening and research funding.

The unfortunate side of what we do at Fight Colorectal Cancer is that the battle of those lost sometimes fuels our mission.

On a day like today we want to say THANK YOU to the Malthouse family and friends for your continued support and advocacy.

THANK YOU to Bill who supports and fights for a cure with us.

Today, we celebrate the life of Nancy.