March May Have Ended But The Fight Continues

While we have reached the end of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, the fight against colorectal cancer must continue. 


This past March, colorectal cancer advocates:

  • Urged Congress to support colorectal cancer research and prevention at Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Call-on Congress
  • Made calls to their legislators in support of H.R. 4120
  • Got Colorectal Cancer Awareness proclamations in 19 states and cities
  • Rang the NASDAQ Closing Bell

This is only a part of the fight though. We must use the momentum of the past month to further our efforts throughout the rest of the year. We must now work even harder and raise our voices even louder to continue to demand a cure for colon and rectal cancer.

Please help us keep our efforts going throughout the year with a donation todayeven a $10 or $15 donation will make a major difference. Help make every month a colorectal cancer awareness month!

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