StrongArmSelfie A Huge Success

Before March, we knew you guys were cool. But after last month, it’s clear you guys are off the charts amazing! Thanks to you, our #StrongArmSelfie campaign was a success. We’re happy to report these findings to you!

Strong Arm Selfie March Report

1. We Hit Our Fundraising Goal!

christy.4.9.1-StrongArmSelfieFirst off — WE DID IT! When we tallied up the total number of posts, shares, tweets & retweets of anything with #StrongArmSelfie, we found over 25,000 posts.


This shows the power of social media and the amazing-ness of our advocates. Thanks to all of you who helped us reach our goal! Big thanks to Mayo Clinic, The Colon Club, GYRIG, Craig Campbell & celebrity friends, Coach Jim Harbaugh, Bear Grylls, Luke Perry, Udderly Smooth and PooPourri!

And a special thanks to Bayer HealthCare who is making a $1 donation for each and every one of those posts up to $25,000!

2. Reaching Millions of People

Not only did we hit our fundraising goal – but we also generated a ton of awareness for colon and rectal cancers. Millions upon millions in fact.

All in all, we’ve reached over 57 million people so far:

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reached at least 11 million users.
  • Posts with #StrongArmSelfie made over 56 million impressions on social media.


The Doctors

In national media, The Doctors show interviewed the Schrack family and Luke Perry, broadcasting to an audience of 15.7 million viewers (and another 306.9K online). Host Dr. Travis Stork even demonstrated to the live audience how to do a #StrongArmSelfie and encouraged viewers to join in. (Which we saw them do when we checked Instagram & Twitter.)

Times Square

In Times Square, our :30 NASDAQ PSA played 20 times/hour each day in March – reaching 1 million people each day of the month.

People Magazine

And this week – sitting in newsstands around the world is the April 20 edition of People Magazine, featuring Luke Perry and the #StrongArmSelfie campaign!

3. The Mayo Clinic Magic

Our partners at Mayo Clinic played a HUGE role in the success of #StrongArmSelfie. They soft launched the campaign through the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. In March, they posted multiple posts on every social media channel (on Twitter alone they have over one million followers). Additionally, Mayo Clinic also produced a video to Craig Campbell’s song “Stronger Than Thatthat brought even more life (and media attention) to the campaign. In the video’s first three weeks, it had over 12.2K views.

4. Social Media “Get Well Cards”

rose.3.1.1This month we’ve watched the #StrongArmSelfie transcend fundraising goals and take on a different meaning in the lives of the One Million Strong. As many patients faced hospitalizations and hospice, their friends and family posted “strong arms” on their Facebook walls or Instagram to offer support. The #StrongArmSelfie became a “get well” card for some patients – or a “congratulations and keep going!” for others. We also met several families posting a #StrongArmSelfie to remember loved ones who fought CRC but are no longer with us.

5. Displays Of Strength & Courage For Screening

patsy.2.20.1The #StrongArmSelfie demonstrates that anyone can be strong. That’s why we love it. It’s inspired by the one million survivors. It’s through their strength that together we can talk about colorectal cancer and the importance of getting screened!

We’ve met thousands on social media who’ve pledged their love, support and commitment to do their part in the fight against colorectal cancer through a #StrongArmSelfie. We’re hopeful that as this campaign continues through August, we’ll see even more show their strength. It’s amazing to look at what we’ve accomplished together – all because of a #selfie.


Check out the #StrongArmSelfie pics so far!

Thank the Mayo Clinic for their support.

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