Time To Lace Up Your Virtual Walking Shoes

Okay – so I know that exercise is very good for colorectal cancer survivors.

And I am definitely an advocate for healthy lifestyles. But I have to admit – this virtual walk that is raising money for Fight Colorectal Cancer is pretty stinking amazing.

Maybe that’s because my car is covered in a foot of snow and the last thing I want to do is walk or run outside.

So I am all for an opportunity to raise money simply by signing up for a virtual walk where I don’t have to fight the cold or even get up from my desk. There’s not even fundraising involved.

A few clicks (and the chance to make a computerized “me” from my Facebook picture) is not only fun –  but it’s easy.

Raising money for a great cause has never been so simple.


Join The Virtual Walk – Let’s beat this thing!

About the Virtual Walk

In an effort to help raise money and awareness for those affected by colorectal cancer, Bayer HealthCare and Fight Colorectal Cancer are proud to introduce the 2013 Virtual Walk to Fight Colorectal Cancer.
Join the Virtual Walk (http://walkforcrc.com) today in support of yourself, a loved one or all people who are battling CRC. For each participant, Bayer HealthCare will donate $2 (up to $40,000) to Fight Colorectal Cancer. Funding supports research, advocacy and awareness. Simply lace up your electronic walking shoes and create your own Virtual Walk character to join the cause and help move us forward!
Taking the steps to sign up will raise money. Get started today: WalkForCRC.com

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