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Rodrick Samuels is a motivation to many across the U.S. Not only does he run and own Profile Barber Institute and serve as a well-known professional in the personal appearance industry, Rodrick’s also a passionate advocate in the fight against colorectal cancer.

On March 21, Rodrick combined his passions and hosted a fundraising event, “Cuts for a Cause,” at Profile Barber with his students. As students styled hair, customers paid… but on this day, all proceeds were donated to Fight Colorectal Cancer. At the end of the day, Rodrick and his students raised more than $200 and donated them to go toward colorectal cancer awareness, research and advocacy. profile-academy-fundraiser

During Cuts for a Cause, Samuels and his students strutted around in One Million Strong gear and other “blue” attire to show their support for the fight. It’s not uncommon for our advocates to see Rodrick front-and center for the cause, but during the event his students got to see his passion, too.

“What inspires me to give back is an old lesson that I was taught from my mother, Marjoire S. Samuels, whom I honored with this pledge:  sometimes you can’t get paid for everything you do and giving is always better than receiving.” – Rodrick Samuels

Rodrick has supported colorectal cancer awareness and research for years, but most recently he helped launch One Million Strong in 2013, and again a few weeks ago in March 2014. As a true activist and spokesperson for our organization, Rodrick doesn’t only use his platform to raise awareness and fundraise… he ultimately advocates because he knows that screening saves lives.

“I support the fight against colorectal cancer for a few reasons. What’s near to my heart is shaping hair and shaping lives while I do it. Being an advocate and using my styling chair as a platform and my students as co-advocates has helped me to save a lot of lives. I stress the importance of early detection and screening.”  - Rodrick Samuels


Fight Colorectal Cancer, like many nonprofits, runs off of donations and fundraising events like Rodrick’s “Cuts for a Cause.” It’s advocates who turn into activists like Rodrick that take our organization through great things, to experience new heights of awareness. We’re thankful for our friend Rodrick and his awesome students who cut hair for colorectal cancer.

We know that lives were saved that day, and we’re grateful for the funds to help continue our fight!


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