Get Media Attention

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Getting media attention is the ideal way to make your advocacy efforts go further. Make sure to highlight your activist activities in your town. Not only will media coverage shine light on colon and rectal cancer, but it might just be the message that encourages someone to be screened.

Write a Press Release

Having your event covered by news outlets is a big deal and it’s not hard to do—all you have to do is submit a press release! Some newsworthy events where a press release is warranted include:

  • A public hearing testimony
  • A fundraising event,
  • A Town Hall Meeting hosted in your city – especially if an elected official attends!
  • Or – local community papers might even just run a photo of you and the elected official — no release needed!

To write a press release, make sure to include:

  • A headline and first paragraph that tell the story
  • Quotes from key individuals that media can interview to emphasize your position
  • Description and some details of the issue/event
  • Supporting facts
  • Contact information for yourself

Check out our Advocacy Resource Center for sample press release templates!

Send a Letter to the Editor

All newspapers encourage letters, and the editorial page is generally one of the most widely-read and talked about sections of the newspaper. You can submit your letter by mail or email and find the contact information in the same section that the letters appear.

Tips for writing an editorial letter:

  • Stick to the point
  • Short, crisp sentences that lead directly to the point of the letter will get your letter noticed
  • Keep the length to 200-300 words
  • If possible, look to contrast your views with those expressed already in the editorial section
  • If you are responding to a letter or editorial, do it right away
  • The quicker you send in your response, the more likely it is to get published
  • Keep a neutral tone—be passionate, not rude
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