Legislation We’ve Sponsored

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Fight Colorectal Cancer is engaged in advocacy efforts all year long. Our capstone event, Call-on Congress, takes place each March; however, our team introduces bills, sends letters of support, develops policy summaries and submits testimonials to speak out on issues impacting colorectal cancer patients on an ongoing basis.

With the focus of representing our fighters on the Hill, we set priorities that will impact patients and prevent colorectal cancer. Our board members set our legislative priorities annually based on relevant issues facing patients and their family members.

Please see below for our current legislative priorities. Each legislative priority is weighted equally and order of appearance does not equal importance of issue.

2014 Legislation

See below for the most recent legislative priorities of Fight Colorectal Cancer.

2014 Legislative Priorities

Archived Legislative Priorities

Please see the links below for archived files of our advocacy efforts and priorities for the past few years:

2013 Legislative Priorities

2012 Legislative Priorities

2011 Legislative Priorities

2010 Legislative Priorities

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