Track A Bill



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Tracking a bill can keep a member of Congress accountable. When important pieces of legislation are introduced (like colon cancer legislation), the next step as an advocate is to monitor the process of a bill as it goes through the key steps to becoming a law.

When tracking a bill, look for:

  • Any changes to the bill
  • Where it is in the legislative process
  • What its potential impact will be

Track a Bill

Want to Track a Bill with Us?

Our team at Fight Colorectal Cancer constantly monitors the status of colorectal cancer legislation and bills that apply to our cause. To get real-time updates, join our Advocates of Fight Colorectal Cancer Facebook Group to stay updated on what’s happening and engage with other advocates.

How to Track a Bill on your Own

If you want to track a bill on your own, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on START TRACKING under the TRACK tab.
  2. Start with a search or use a pre-set tracker to begin following legislative activities (see our legislative priorities for bill numbers)
  3. Once you click find the bill, choose to track the bill or take a position.
  4. Follow your bills and activities that you’ve chosen to follow by viewing YOUR DOCKET under the TRACK tab.
  5. Need help? Contact us if you need help tracking bills or knowing which pieces of current legislation will impact colon and rectal cancer!