Personal Fundraising Pages

Looking for a fundraiser? Please see the list below for links to personal fundraising pages of our advocates who want to fund our fight against colorectal cancer.

(Please NOTE: As of March 2014 there will be a new software system to process personal fundraising projects, any current projects will need to be updated – many of these links will be changed after the switch. Thanks for your attention )

To create your own easy-to-use donation page, visit our Project Page.

Event Sponsor Contact Link to Page
FRIENDS OF ROSE Eric Hausmann Event Link
Barbara Petren Fundraising Project Barbara Petren Event Link
Mandy Nelson Fundraising Project Mandy Nelson Event Link
Miki Ayane Sakamoto-Martinez Fundraising Project Miki Sakamoto Event Link
Rachel Rodriguez Williams Fundraising Project Rachel Rodriguez Williams Event Link
Jerry Baron Fundraising Project Jerry Baron Event Link
Todd Jones Fundraising Project Todd Jones Event Link
Jon Lasser No-Shave November Project Jon Lasser Event Link
Joe Christifano  No-Shave November Project Joe Christifano Event Link
Mark Ording  No-Shave November Project Mark Ording Event Link
Michael DeGrange  No-Shave November Project Michael DeGrange Event Link
Dirk Calcoen  No-Shave November Project Dirk Calcoen Event Link
Gary LeVan  No-Shave November Project Gary LeVan Event Link
Mark Matthews  No-Shave November Project Mark Matthews Event Link
Ivan Setien  No-Shave November Project Ivan Setien Event Link
Jeffery Croom No-Shave November Project Jeffery Croom Event Link
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