Fight Colorectal Cancer Fundraise

As a nonprofit organization, Fight Colorectal Cancer relies on the generosity of our donors and the fervor of our fundraisers. In the midst of colorectal cancer, many who want to “do something” about cancer know that to fight for a cause – you need to fund it.

Fight Colorectal Cancer would love to partner with you on fundraising opportunities. We have a variety of ways to raise funds for colorectal cancer awareness, prevention and research! Each year we receive support through local fundraising efforts and are extremely grateful!

It’s an honor that you consider fundraising for us. We strive to make sure that every dollar invested by a donor results in action and impact. Please visit our financials page to learn about how our funds are allocated.


Are you fired up and ready to fundraise for Fight Colorectal Cancer? Create a personal fundraising page! Have guests from your birthday, cancer-versary, and “no-more chemo” parties donate to the cause! Personal fundraising pages are also a great place to direct people who want to make donations for an event you’re hosting.  Get started today!

Our signature event is the Million Strong March, an event that anyone from city planners to preschool teachers can host for colorectal cancer awareness and fundraising!  Whether you have a large city street or a small classroom available, the Million Strong March can be done anywhere.

Learn more now! 

Many of our advocates who host fundraisers plan events that center around their passions and hobbies. From brunches, horseshoe tournaments, softball tournaments, fashion shows and BBQ competitions – use your interests to raise money for your cause!

We train and educate advocates to be a voice in the fight through research advocacy and directly fund medical research.

Several of our advocates donate a portion of their sales or revenue to Fight Colorectal Cancer so they can help fight colorectal cancer on a national level. There are a variety of online shops that sell items like homemade goods, t-shirts and wristbands. Several local foundations also donate a portion of their proceeds from fundraisers to support and sponsor national colorectal advocacy efforts.

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