Celebrities who Joined One Million Strong

Colorectal cancer doesn’t discriminate – even if you’re famous. The following celebrities have Joined the Movement and become part of One Million Strong to honor those in their lives in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Celebrities of One Million Strong

Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum

Frank White, former World Series Baseball Player for the Kansas City Royals

Tim Shaw, Tennessee Titans (NFL)

Will Witherspoon, Tennessee Titans (NFL)

Kevin Klein, Nashville Predators (NHL)

Sheryl Crow, singer/songwriter


GI GANGSTERS… Killin’ Cancer

Who says we can’t rap?  Inspired by the One Million Strong movement, a team of nurses and doctors laid down a rap video! Don’t miss our cast of GI rappers and this video that features some of the famous faces of Tennessee pro athletes. A special thanks to:

  • Dr. James Meadows
  • Dr. Johanna Bendell
  • Timothy Buppart (Songwriter)
  • Andrea Lee (Songwriter)
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