Host a March

BenlonHamiltonmarch-coloncancerThe One Million Strong March can be done on any scale, large or small. March around an infusion room, athletic track, school classroom, or even a city street.

Be sure there isn’t already a One Million Strong March happening near you first.

If there is one, join the March, or sign up to volunteer.

If there isn’t a One Million Strong March close by, follow these steps for hosting your own One Million Strong March!

(Unable to host an ‘actual’ March? Check out the Virtual March or March with Us on Social Media!

Step 1: Get Things Rolling

Send us an email to let us know you want to host a One Million Strong March.

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Why you want to host a March
  • The potential location, date, and time for the March

Once we know more about you and your event, we can add the event to our Find a March webpage and help you plan the event.

Check out our March Organizer Tools as your plans get going.

Step 2: Choose a Location and Date

If you haven’t already, decide on a location. Based on the location’s availability, set a date. For a large One Million Strong March, a park or other public area with a lot of foot traffic is a good choice. Be sure to clearly identify the starting and ending locations. Keep in mind walking distance; most people will be comfortable with walking up to one mile. We recommend forming a committee if you’re planning a large March to help share the load and get a variety of ideas.

For a March on a smaller scale, find out if there are any local parades that you can join (have your BLUE crew have a float), or host a March at work, with your church, or with a civic group in your city.

The March can be as big or small as you want – it’s all about raising awareness!

Step 3: Obtain Permits (may be unnecessary for smaller Marches)

Some areas require permits for hosting a March. Research which permits may be necessary to make your event legal by looking on city government websites or calling their offices. Fight Colorectal Cancer can help offer advice and guidance. Make sure to work closely with our team!

Step 4: Plan Activities And Find a Speaker/Grand Marshall (optional)

As you plan your event, think about if you’d like to include activities before or after the March. At the very minimum, a March can be a short walk where people hold signs, wear blue and raise awareness of CRC. But, if you’d like to expand your event, here are some possible activities your One Million Strong March could include:

  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Large-scale, walk-through colons (contact us if you want to secure an educational colon)
  • Special ceremonies
  • Auctions and other fundraising activities
  • Food … food and food!
  • Special guests and speakers
  • Balloon launch
  • Costume contest
  • Live music (marching bands are perfect!)
  • Have other ideas? We’d love to hear them!

Reach out to potential speakers with plenty of lead time if you plan to have a rally or mini-rallies along with your March; this is a great way to increase the turnout and get media coverage. Try reaching out to local colorectal cancer organizations, support groups or medical centers to join in on the fun. Oftentimes you can use she speaker or “personality” to lead out in the March.

*Note: If you’re having speakers, you may need to get additional permits for a PA system and/or a bullhorn.

Step 5: Promote your March

Once you have all of the details worked out for your March, make sure to promote it! This is best done by use of flyers, including large ones to post to telephone poles and small ones to hand out. Also, don’t forget about the power of social media. Creating a Facebook event or Evite is a great way to get people to attend the March. Check out some of our social media tools.

Contact us for a save-the-date and flyer you can customize! Also, make sure to let Fight Colorectal Cancer know the details so we can add your March to our Event Calendar, if it’s not on there already!

If you have one available, send a press release to your local media so they will be aware of the event. Let us know if you need help drafting one.

Send out the press release:

  • one week before
  • two days before
  • the night before your March

Make sure all of your friends and family know about the event, and ask them to spread the word! You’ll be surprised at how quickly others will want to join in and support your cause!

Here is a template press release – adapt as you see fit!

Step 6: Set up a Fundraising Page

The One Million Strong March is a great fundraising opportunity! Set up a personal fundraising page for your event and share it on Facebook and on your event flyer. Share the story of why you planned the March (or if you’re not the event planner — why you are marching.) Encourage those who cannot attend your March to join the Virtual March and donate to your event fundraising page.

Step 7: Time to March!

Get ready for the March! Buy your gear, decorate posters, pick out your BLUE outfit and recruit participants!

On the day of the March, be sure to carry a banner so people know why you’re marching. Encourage participants to bring their own posters and creative props! Make sure to take lots of pictures and post them on social media – this will further the reach of your event and increase awareness!

Most of all – have FUN! One Million Strong and the One Million Strong March is about celebrating life. Have a blast and feel the power of connecting with others in your community. It’s an amazing feeling to unite behind a cure together.

Step 8: After the March

Following your successful event, PLEASE send us your pictures! We’d love to feature your March in upcoming communications!  Additionally, we’d love to have you blog about your event and share your experience!

Last, be on the lookout for a survey from our team. Your feedback will greatly help us as we assess and tailor the One Million Strong March to reach more people in more communities.

Questions? Ready to get started? Email us now. 

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