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Inspired by over one million colorectal cancer survivors in the United States, Fight Colorectal Cancer launched a national awareness campaign in 2013 called One Million Strong.  This was our rally cry to raise awareness and take action!

The Campaign

One Million Strong sparked momentum for colorectal cancer across the globe. Together, as community, we amplified our collective voice and motivated others to stand up and support the fight for a cure to make colon cancer a top-of-mind issue.

By joining our efforts, advocates joined a movement that unified survivors and those touched by this preventable cancer. Learn more about One Million Strong Campaign.

Below are the ways we engaged our community in 2013 and launched the campaign:

Times Square Launch

To celebrate the launch of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month we planted ourselves in the middle of Times Square and used its bright lights to illuminate our cause. On March 1, 2013 we launched One Million Strong, sponsored by Bayer Healthcare. Our event included dancing, yoga, an inflatable walk-through colon, celebrity appearances and more. This public awareness campaign harnessed the strength of the one million colorectal cancer survivors and shared stories of strength, hope and change. Through community events and social media, we continually attract new advocates and donors who want to fight with us.

View pictures of the event! 

View all of our One Million Strong videos.

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The Pledge

The first step in joining One Million Strong in 2013 was the pledge. Survivors, caregivers and others touched by the disease committed to do their part in spreading the word about colorectal cancer! Check out the pledge!

(Note, our 2014 campaign focuses on engagement through the One Million Strong March. The pledge is still up and running, but we’re changing gears and asking people to come March with Us. We’re keeping our ideas fresh and momentum and excitement high!)

Power of One Million Strong Blog

Survivors and caregivers opened up as we launched the Power of One Million Strong blog. Stories of courage and hope inspired others as they put a face to the fight against colorectal cancer. Each individual featured represented the fight and displayed the strength of One Million Strong.

Check out the Power of One Million Strong Blog.

Celebrities Joining One Million Strong

Our campaign received extra attention as several celebrities and notable figures joined forces with us to raise awareness. Several professional athletes and music stars were featured in our PSAs or attended an event:

  • Charles Kelley, member of Lady Antebellum
  • Frank White, retired world series baseball player for the Kansas City Royals
  • Tim Shaw, NFL player
  • Will Witherspoon, NFL player
  • Kevin Klein, NHL player
  • Sheryl Crow, singer/songwriter
  • Kid Chocolate (Peter Quillin), WBO middleweight world champ

See the PSAs and videos featuring our celebrities.

The Strong Arm Pose

With the launch of the campaign, our signature “strong arm” was born. As individuals signed on to show their support, they’d flex and strike a pose to signify that they are part of One Million Strong. Even after the campaign launched, advocates continued showing their “strong arms” to keep the message of colorectal cancer awareness top-of-mind.