volunteer fight crcThere are many ways to volunteer with Fight Colorectal Cancer. Some of the ways our advocates have volunteered include:

  • Speak at events across the country on behalf of colon cancer and rectal cancer
  • Do interviews with media professionals (upon request)
  • Manage tables for Fight Colorectal Cancer at select events
  • Attend and help at various events
  • Attend speeches and events where a colorectal cancer advocate is requested
  • Use social media platforms as a way to spread the word & our message
  • Network with others to line up donations for our various events
  • Add local events to our calendar
  • Engage your local media at our events and campaigns
  • Assist with office work at our Alexandria, VA headquarters

Advocacy Volunteers

There are several ways to volunteer as an advocate. Hop over to our advocate center to learn more about how you can volunteer as an eAdvocate, host a Town Hall Meeting, secure a State Proclamation and more.

Social Media Volunteers

The world is SOCIAL now! We can use your help on social media to raise awareness and your talents of posting, tweeting, pinning and blogging. Download our social media tools and check out our Power of Million Strong blog to share your story.

Sign Up to Volunteer!

If you’d like to be on our volunteer list, please visit our Sign Up form and enter your information and preferences. Thanks for being willing to donate your time and expertise to the cause!

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