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    Free Patient Webinar: Alphabet Soup - Making sense of KRAS, BRAF and other tumor testing options

    3 - 3:30pmOnline - please register!
    Monthly Patient Webinar

     Alphabet Soup - Making sense of KRAS, BRAF and other tumor testing options

    3 - 3:30pm EST

    Has your doctor ever used acronyms you don’t quite understand? Are you familiar with biomarker testing and why it may be important if you have been diagnosed with Stage III or Stage IV colorectal cancer? Join us to learn about biomarkers and the latest research on tailored treatment for colorectal cancer patients. We’ll go over how a cancer cell lives and dies, pathways that they use to stay alive and the biomarkers involved in CRC. Biomarker tests may be necessary to determine which drugs your tumor may or may not benefit from.

    The content of this webinar was medically-reviewed. All content was written, produced and edited by Fight Colorectal Cancer.


    This webinar is made possible thanks to the generous support of Amgen Oncology.

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    Note: The content of this webinar will be 30 minutes. For questions related to KRAS testing, or for additional information regarding the speaker's content, please email us your questions. We'll post a follow-up blog addressing all questions in the upcoming week. 

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