Thank You For Seven Great Years

Carlea Bauman, President of Fight Colorectal Cancer

Seven years.

That’s how long I’ve been at the helm of Fight Colorectal Cancer as its president.

My experience with cancer seven years ago was limited to my father’s very brief and devastating fight with lung cancer and myelodysplatic syndrome.

But since then, I’ve testified before Congress and the Food and Drug Administration, traveled to Europe to meet with international cancer activists, rang the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange and the Opening and Closing Bells at NASDAQ, railed against Dr. Oz, led Fight Colorectal Cancer through a rebranding, met some amazing advocates, and lost some dear friends, board members (one of whom was a tremendous mentor to me) and colleagues to this wretched disease.

Thanks to the knowledge I now have of colorectal cancer, I knew enough about the risk factors to get a colonoscopy last year at age 40 where they discovered a precancerous polyp. (I also knew to not call it a “screening colonoscopy” because screenings are what people get who have no symptoms or risk factors.) I gave up my 20-year Diet Coke addiction cold turkey after our webinar on cancer-prevention diets convinced me it was time.

I’ve hired brilliant staff, many of whom will remain in my life as good friends. I’ve seen what real strength looks like in the faces of friends weakened by disease and treatment. I’ve met powerful people whose generosity and kindness has taken my breath away. I’ve been supported by donors and advocates whose belief in my work has humbled me to my core.

The decision to leave was difficult. I am not just leaving a job; I am leaving friends. I am leaving my family.

When I started here seven years ago, I was planning my wedding. Today I’m the mother of a four-year-old and a newborn, and the wife to a great guy (who also happens to be one lucky dude, lemme tell you.) The new position that awaits me promises to be just as challenging – and rewarding – yet it will give me the flexibility to work from home. It will allow me to truly be present for my family while also allowing me to help cancer patients and work with brilliant oncologists from around the world. I consider myself extremely fortunate.

But that doesn’t make the transition any easier. As I sift through old photos and allow myself to breathe through the memories that come flooding back, all I can think about is how my life has been enriched by all that I have seen and done and the people who I have met.

And I’ll never forget them.

Thank you for sharing your lives and cancer journeys with me. I wish all of you the best and I sincerely hope to see you again. If you REALLY want to send me off properly, make a donation to Fight Colorectal Cancer at the link below. Thanks so much.

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