Colorectal Cancer Awareness Twibbon Draws 250 Supporters

It’s been two weeks since the launch of the Colorectal Cancer Awareness Twibbon and we’re delighted to report that we have surpassed the 250-Twibbon mark!

Add this "twibute" to your Twitter background!

We would love to continue spreading awareness, so for those of you interested in showing your virtual support, you can still add the Twibbon to your Twitter avatar and/or add the Twibbon to your Facebook profile picture.

You can even go a step beyond and change your background to the 250-Person Twibute during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month – a collage of all of you who have joined in this important cause. This is a great, easy way to get your friends and followers talking more about colorectal cancer and why there is such a need for funding for prevention and treatment research.

A big thank you to all those who have added a Twibbon so far – we appreciate all of your support in getting the word out!

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