Fight CRC Hits NYC — Summertime Planning Updates

FB_Cover_TemplateOne Million Strong is a MOVEMENT uniting those impacted by colorectal cancer.

And last week – Fight Colorectal Cancer was on the MOVE.

Check out what was happening amongst some of our team members as they hit New York City!

Planning One Million Strong: NYC 2014

Anjee Davis, VP of Programs, and Emily White, Program Coordinator, got the wheels in motion for next year’s One Million Strong event in New York City. They met with event planning specialists at Studio PR to get the creative juices flowing. We’re excited to make next year’s event even bigger and better! Stay tuned for details on how to volunteer and get involved in March 2014.

In the meantime, watch this:

Now THAT’S a friend…


Ian hosted a fundraiser brunch to honor his late best friend.

Emily met with one of our biggest supporters, Ian Malakoff, for dinner in New York City. Ian hosted a brunch earlier this year in honor of his best friend who died of colorectal cancer shortly after their college graduation. The brunch was a huge success, raising over $15,000. He plans to host another one next year.

Meeting with NYC local CRC groups

We met with NYC-based nonprofit cancer organizations Michael’s Mission, Stupid Cancer and Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation to discuss teaming up against colorectal cancer and collaborating on the One Million Strong event in NYC in March 2014. Stay tuned for more details!


Emily and Kim Ryan, Director of Patient Information Services, met with Jonathan Kong, an individual who took the One Million Strong pledge in Times Square last March.

Jonathan is a full-time volunteer who offers his time and experience to many groups, including Fight Colorectal Cancer. He plans to take his pledge one step further by volunteering with us next March at our event!

Survivor Focus Group


Become a part of One Million Strong!

To cap off a great few days, we hosted a survivors’ dinner and focus group at Trattoria Dell’Arte to discuss the Late Stage Toolkit, a tool we’re currently developing that helps those diagnosed navigate their cancer treatment options and deal with the issues colorectal cancer brings.

The dinner brought together 20 survivors and their guests who discussed their cancer journeys and connected with one another and the Fight Colorectal Cancer staff. In addition to coming up with great ideas for the toolkit (to be released in fall), they were in awe of the power and strength that comes from being in a room with other colorectal cancer survivors.

We had a great trip to New York City and look forward to the future events that will promote colorectal cancer awareness, support patients and unite us all behind a cure for colorectal cancer.


Want to get involved? Join the movement, take the pledge and become a part of One Million Strong.