Fight Colorectal Cancer Offers Input on Virtual Colonoscopy to FDA

fda-oak-campus-roomOn Monday, Fight Colorectal Cancer’s director of patient information services, Kim Ryan, attended a discussion panel hosted by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) focusing on Gastroenterology/Urology and Radiological Devices on Computed Tomography Colonography (CTC).

The 26-member panel discussed the risks and benefits of computed tomography colonography (virtual colonoscopy) for patients not experiencing any signs or symptoms of colorectal cancer. The panel discussed questions such as:

  • The potential benefits of CTC for screening 
  • Safety issues related to the use of CTC
  • The role of CTC as one option for screening patients displaying no symptoms of CRC

As an organization, we voiced our opinions through formal comments sent before the panel discussion, and submitted verbal comments at the meeting.

We submitted a formal comment because it is vital that the FDA hears from the patient community on this issue.

Our comments to the FDA highlight our belief that as new screening methods come to market, the collection of real-world data will help define the best ways to combine the new technologies.   As a patient-focused organization, we will continue to push for research that improves patient outcomes.

What were Fight Colorectal Cancer’s views on CT colonography?

In short, we urged the panel to strongly recommend that the FDA use its convening power to engage with groups like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS), U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and other key stakeholders to encourage a registry to capture the necessary data for both the public and providers to make informed choices about CT colonography.

Read our full comments:   Fight Colorectal Cancer submitted to the FDA regarding CT colonography.

Fight Colorectal Cancer appreciated the opportunity to voice an opinion.

 Help us continue to raise our voice!

We could not attend FDA meetings on the behalf of colorectal cancer patients without the generous support from our donors.

We also thank our medical advisory board for guiding us with accurate information regarding screening technologies and the direction we advised that will best suit patients and prevent future cases of colorectal cancer.

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