Get Inspired in Our New Online Community

At Fight Colorectal Cancer we use the word community a lot but we don’t use it lightly. We know that a solid community needs to have trust, credibility and the best of intentions at its core.

So when we invite members of our community to check out the community at the website, we do so because we believe you’ll find something useful and meaningful there.

Get your questions answered. Find a supportive group of new friends. Laugh with others who know exactly what you’re going through. Compare side effects and learn how others cope with them. Follow posts by Fight Colorectal Cancer’s Kate Murphy and stay up to date on the latest information about your specific health concerns.

The initial survey at registration will tell Inspire exactly what information you are interested in receiving and only links to posts pertaining to those subjects will be sent to your email at least several times a week. You won’t have to wade through a lot of material that is not applicable to you. It’s focused, it’s personalized and it’s up to date.

Check it out at You just might find it, well, inspiring!

The details:

What: Inspire is a safe, privacy-protected place where you can connect with people who share your health concerns, obtain support and find information about colorectal cancer.

Why: It can be a huge benefit – and relief – to meet and talk with people who know what you’re going through. You will receive help and, just as likely, you will be helping others at the same time. And the informational posts make staying up to date so much easier. When you find questions and topics that seem pertinent, you can ask your medical team questions that are informed and focused.

How: Joining Inspire is completely free, and you can control what you share with extensive privacy settings. You will have access to the Colorectal Cancer Community as well as other communities focused on other illnesses. Get started!

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