Survivor Focus Group: We're Listening

During the coming weeks Fight Colorectal Cancer is sponsoring two very unique small group discussions that will include colorectal cancer survivors. The intent is to bring together survivors for an in-depth discussion to find out your opinions and to learn from your experinces from diagnosis to the present.

These are informal and confidential discussions to help us learn how we can improve our educational programs for patients, caregivers and families. We would like the opportunity to ask you your opinions about what you think is needed for patients, after being diagnosed, while in treatment, and after treatment is over. Every participant is unique and helpful to us as we explore new ways to support and provide education to patients and their families.

We will be following up with notes, feedback and sound bytes of the two events after the first of the year. The end result will help us better plan and adapt our upcoming programs. If you are interested in particpating please check out the EVENT and REGISTRATION details for the Alexandria, VA and Charleston, SC sessions.

If you have comments you would like to share, please feel free to contribute and include as part of this post. We are most definitely listening.

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