During and after treatment, or during treatment breaks, life goes on. You still need to check in with your primary care provider, your dentist and any other medical professionals who are involved with your ongoing health. Survivorship care plans can give you a structure to help you take care of your whole self.

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Survivorship Care Plans

Some of the best tools for Survivorship Care planning are offered online. They can be used by you, in partnership with your doctors. Some popular ones include: Journey Forward The LIVESTRONG Care Plan Questions to ask about your survivorship care plan Who can help me create a full record of my treatment history to date? Which…  Read More

Celebrating Cancer Milestones

Recognizing milestones can help you put your cancer experience into perspective, for better or worse. As emotional as it is, it can be an opportunity to celebrate your perseverance and the fact that you are a cancer survivor. Marking milestones during and after cancer treatment can be done in a variety of ways. Below are some…  Read More

Join Fight Colorectal Cancer

Your fight against colorectal cancer doesn’t end once the treatments stop and scars heal. Survivorship is a journey. One way to continue to fight colorectal cancer is to get involved with an organization dedicated to creating awareness and supporting a cure for colon and rectal cancers. By connecting with an organization like Fight Colorectal Cancer, you…  Read More