Even if you feel too exhausted or uncomfortable to think about exercise, do it anyway!

Research repeatedly shows that most patients benefit from moderate exercise. It maintains weight, muscle tone and overall health. It reduces stress and gives you energy to face the next challenge with vigor. This can be true both during and after treatment.

Talk with your doctor about what’s feasible for you. Try to build exercise into your life as a priority.

  • Start with 10-15 minutes each day (or 10 minutes a few times a day).
  • Try to build yourself up to more (ideally 30 minutes per day on most days of the week).

Don’t feel badly if you’re too exhausted to do much at tough times during your treatment, it can be a goal for when you feel better. If it helps, recruit friends to keep you active and motivated.


LIVESTRONG offers a 12-week program at many YMCAs designed for adult cancer patients. This program helps patients transition from cancer treatment to the “new normal” when it comes to exercise and fitness. Learn more about this program and see if there’s a participating YMCA near you. Click here for details.


Content medically-reviewed by members of the Fight Colorectal Cancer Medical Advisory Board, February 2014


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