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Your fight against colorectal cancer doesn’t end once the treatments stop and scars heal. Survivorship is a journey. One way to continue to fight colorectal cancer is to get involved with an organization dedicated to creating awareness and supporting a cure for colon and rectal cancers. By connecting with an organization like Fight Colorectal Cancer, you will meet others who’ve also fought cancer and find ways to use your experience to help others.

Join the Movement - One Million Strong

Inspired by the over ONE MILLION colorectal cancer survivors, One Million Strong is a movement that raises awareness about colorectal cancer – the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. By becoming part of One Million Strong, you join a movement dedicated to sharing stories and telling others to get screened.

You show strength in the midst of difficulty and inspire a nation to not only understand that colorectal cancer is treatable – but that it’s also preventable. Learn more about One Million Strong now! 

Change Policy – Become an Advocate

At Fight Colorectal Cancer we share our stories of strength and survival through advocacy and awareness. Across small towns and big cities, our advocates come together to form a united voice in the fight for a cure.

Each March, we host our signature event, Call-on Congress. This is a three-day educational event open to survivors, caregivers and their families from across the country. Community leaders, scientists and medical professionals speak on a range of topics from the federal budget and innovative research to treatment options and preventative services. We train advocates who learn how to share their stories and build relationships with their members of Congress. And then we put them into their offices on our “Hill Day.” Advocates leave D.C. with a better understanding of how to push for policies that impact colorectal cancer, determined to return year after year.

When we’re not on the Hill, we’re working within our communities to raise awareness.

Learn more about becoming an advocate! 

Support Research – Bridge Patients & Scientists

Fight Colorectal Cancer uniquely gets involved in research. Our Research Advocates Training & Support (RATS) group consists of individuals passionate about what’s happening in the labs. We train participants in our RATS program to understand scientific data and then speak with researchers and scientists, offering them an insight into how their research impacts patients.

We also support research through a fund that gives 100% of its proceeds to late-stage colorectal cancer research. Our Lisa Fund awards a grant to a scientists studying innovative treatments.

Read more about supporting colorectal cancer research! 


Fund the Fight

Fight Colorectal Cancer envisions a world without colorectal cancer. Every donation helps us continue on our mission. We offer several ways to help fund the fight! Create a personal fundraising page & encourage your family members to support your cause! Make a one-time donation, or set up a recurring gift. You can even shop with cause and have a portion of proceeds come back to us.

Learn more about how to support Fight Colorectal Cancer. 

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