Keeping Track of Medical Costs and Insurance Payments  


Often medical bills are confusing because one visit to the doctor may include separate bills from the doctor, the lab, a specialist, and medications prescribed, for example. It’s often difficult to keep track of everything and get a good sense of your out-of-pocket costs.

Try to keep receipts and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) in one place and consider keeping a notebook or binder to store notes and pertinent information about health care bills. Perhaps you can pick one day each month to be “health care bill day” when you can focus on keeping your budget and bills organized.

If you use a health savings account (HSA) with work, remember to take advantage of the benefits it provides.

Staying financially organized is difficult for most everyone.

We provide a sample Medical Costs Tracking worksheet, however, we realize that this tool may not work for everyone. Use it for ideas that can help you most directly.


Content medically-reviewed by members of the Fight Colorectal Cancer Medical Advisory Board, February 2014

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