Horseshoes – Americana at its best

3rd Annual Friends of Rose Horseshoe Tournament

by Michael Sola, Executive Vice President of Fight Colorectal Cancer

What do you think of when you hear the word:  horseshoes? Do you think about picnics? Family outings? Westerns? Horses? Do you think of Greeks? It’s interesting to note that the game of horseshoes can trace its origins back to the Grecian armies. They couldn’t afford discus for tossing so they entertained themselves by using discarded horseshoes with a stake in the ground. And so it began – the game of horseshoes and later, tournaments.

Now when Eric and Rose Hausmann were looking at awareness and fundraising events that could engage a few hundred of their friends this year,  it didn’t take long to turn to horseshoes. Their 2014 tournament on June 14 was actually their 3rd tournament. The Hausmanns don’t only do horseshoe tournaments, they also hold softball events throughout the year to raise funds. And Fight Colorectal Cancer couldn’t be more grateful.

Horseshoes, Americana and Colon Cancer

A horseshoe tournament is about as Americana as it gets these days. Think about it – family and friends gathered together tossing back a few burgers, hotdogs, ale, stories and shoes. The grounds had perfect cover from the sun, a nice steady breeze and a cozy wooded setting to toss some shoes.

SayrevilleSuccessSayreville, New Jersey (the Hausmann’s hometown) is the classic American town. Still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, there is a real sense of community in this little place off of NJ Turnpike, exit 10, whose slogan: “Succeed in Sayreville” really nailed this tournament. It was truly a success.

The one thing I learned about his town, besides it’s where Jon Bon Jovi once lived, it’s common for neighbors to pitch in for one another. They work hard and they play hard. Through Eric, I met two teams who were competing in this year’s horseshoe tournament who happen to be masons. Talk about hard work. They work practically seven days a week thanks to Hurricane Sandy rebuilding foundations for homes and businesses in the area. The day of the tournament, they all got the day off and chose to play as a team to support their friends Eric and Rose. I’d be curled up on a couch in a fetal position if I were them, but not these guys – true friends.

FIghtCRC pose Horseshoe Event June 20140614_131101I was surprised to learn that Sayreville actually has three horseshoe leagues and that the Knights of Columbus facility holds tournaments all the time at their facilities. Due to the popularity of the game in town, Eric and his son had to expand the number of pits used in their tournament to keep the teams moving as each round of eliminations occurred. They’re even going to host another tournament fundraiser soon based on the number of teams wanting to play.

In between tossing or down time there was plenty to keep us busy. Besides the yummy concessions those of us attending played frisbee, cornhole and something that looked like washer tossing (nobody can say Jersey ain’t inventive!) There was also a playground for the little ones complete with yellow caution tape to keep out the young ones from becoming one with a horseshoe, education materials about colon cancer and jamming music that Taylor (Eric’s son ) put together – Red Hot Chili Peppers RULE!

eric tossing washers Frisbee Horseshoe Event June DSC02680 Food Horseshoe Event June 20140614_124708

Thankful to Be a Part

It was a lot of fun to be part of the energy coming from friends and family of the Hausmanns, they all took time for some fun and to help out a great cause. Fight Colorectal Cancer needs help to fund our programs and it’s events like this one that go a long way to bringing awareness and patient resources to those who need it.

Frisbee Horseshoe Event June DSC02680Whether it’s horseshoes, cornhole, golf or more – these fundraising events keep our communities, families and friends active and engaged. And, they raise awareness and funds for a great cause.

See more of the images from the tourament and other FightCRC events at our Flickr site.


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