Avastin Second-Line Treatment Improves Survival Time

Continuing Avastin into second-line chemotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer when tumors begin to grow larger or new tumors appear (progression) improves both survival time and the time until further progression according to Phase III clinical trial results that will be reported this Sunday morning, June 3, at ASCO 2012 in Chicago

Study results were previewed in an ASCO Press Briefing yesterday.

Overall survival time increased by 19% with Avastin compared to a switch to a new chemotherapy alone. Time until cancer progressed fell 32%. Serious side effects remained similar.

In a press release from Genentech, Hal Barron M.D., chief medical officer and head, Global Product Development said,

Our study design was based on previous research showing that sustained VEGF inhibition achieved and maintained anti-tumor activity.While conventional practice is to change treatment completely at disease progression, the continued use of Avastin with a new chemotherapy regimen in this study resulted in patients living longer, compared to a new chemotherapy regimen alone.

Just a note: We are working hard to get the latest and best info from ASCO 2012 to you despite not my not being able to in Chicago this year. My health problems have landed me in a Syracuse hospital with an iPad and a heavy laptop balanced on a pillow. So remotely, on we go!

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