Chemo or Not? A Tough Stage II Decision

Faced with the confusing decision about whether or not to have chemotherapy after surgery for your stage II colon cancer?

Join us on September 20th from 8 to 9 pm for a webinar designed to help you make the best choice for you and your own needs.

Dr. John Marshall from the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center will join Kim Ryan and Kate Murphy to explore this controversial topic.

Register here for:  Stage II Colon Cancer: Chemo or Not? Find Your Solution.

While adjuvant chemotherapy after surgery is not routinely recommended for all patients with stage II colon cancer, there are some patients at higher risk of cancer spreading (recurrence) who may benefit from chemo.  And some patients, after discussing possible risks and potential benefits with their doctors will want to have chemo even if their benefit may be small.

During the webinar we’ll be looking at:

  • What makes stage II colon cancer stage II.
  • What current  guidelines and research for stage II chemotherapy say.
  • How to figure out the benefit numbers and what they mean.
  • What tumor features make a stage II diagnosis high risk.
  • What are some features that make people at lower than average risk for recurrence.
  • How doctors talk with patients to help them with decisions about chemo or no chemo.

There will be time for questions.

Staging Image courtesy of the National Cancer Institute

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