Colon Cancer Patient Opinions Sought

Were you diagnosed with colon cancer within the past three months?  Have you had your surgery and seen a medical oncologist?

Dr. Neil Love and Research to Practice want to talk to you about your chemotherapy decision-making.

Stipends of up to $250 are available for recently diagnosed stage II or stage III colon cancer patients who are willing to

  • Complete an online or written survey about their perspectives, which should take about an hour.
  • Complete up to three followup surveys either online or in writing, each taking an hour or so.
  • For those with Internet access, evaluate parts of a video, audio, and print patient education program.

To be eligible, patients must:

  • have been diagnosed with stage II or stage III colon cancer within the past three months.
  • had surgery to remove their cancer.
  • have already spoken with a medical oncologist.
  • be deciding about whether to have chemotherapy or begun chemo.
  • not have metastatic disease (cancer that has spread beyond the colon to distant sites).

For more information, or to register:

All information will be kept confidential and names will not be connected to individual replies. Names and addresses are necessary only to receive the stipend, and participants who wish to be completely anonymous can donate their stipend to a charity of their choice.

Information from the study will be used to help doctors understand patient perspectives and work more effectively with their patients.

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