Colorado Colorectal Screening Program

The Colorado Colorectal Screening Program began in 2004 screening uninsured people by linking community primary care clinics to endoscopists. Funding comes from an additional tax on tobacco.  Since its beginning in 2004, CCSP has screened 6,850 people.

The program estimates that it has prevented 180 cases of colorectal cancer and 80 deaths.

Primary focus is on the uninsured 50 to 64, but colonoscopies are also offered to high-risk people under 50.  Program participants need to have incomes below 250 percent of poverty.

Centered at the University of Colorado at Denver, the program works with more than 65 community clinics throughout Colorado.  Patient navigators in the clinics locate patients in need of screening, arrange an appointment with a participating doctor for a colonoscopy, and remove barriers to completing the screening.

If cancer is found during screening, the program is able to cover treatment costs not paid by other resources.

On March 5, 2009 the program held its annual meeting followed by a Statewide Dialogue on Colorectal Cancer Screening.

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